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If water doesn’t go down your drain or starts pooling up in the sink, chances are you have a clog. A clogged drain can be real hassle. They make a mess, they smell, and are a huge inconvenience. At AAA Pro Plumbing we do our best to put you at ease fast! Our expert South Florida plumbers are trained and equipped to handle most any drain cleaning service. We will diagnose your problem, give you a fair quote for the solution and offer preventative maintenance ideas to keep things running smoothly in the future.

  • Water pools around drains
  • Water spits up from drains
  • It takes a very long time for water to go down the drain
  • Your sink or other plumbing fixture emits an odor
  • Bubbles appear in the water pooled around drains
  • Your garbage disposal does not work properly.

Even homeowners that are very diligent about what they put down their drains are sometimes surprised to find that they have clogs. The truth about clogs is that they can happen even without throwing over sized items into the sink. Blockages are built up over time as grease, oils, and even soap cling to pipes and catch falling debris. Even if this does not result in a full-on clog, leaving pipes unclean can cause them to rust and deteriorate, which will eventually require a complete pipe replacement.

Drain cleaners you can buy in the store might provide a temporary fix, but they will not inspect your pipes for damage or completely clean your drains like our AAA Pro Plumbing plumbers can. Any time our team enters your home they wear protective foot coverings and uniforms so that they can keep your property clean and tidy. We are here to help customers and make your life easier, call today and find out why so many trust AAA Pro Plumbing.