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Sump Pump

AAA Pro Plumbing sump pump replacement, installation, and repair plumbers are experts in the field, serving the South Florida area.

Many homes in South Florida are constructed so excess water runs using gravity to low points in the house including the basement or crawlspace. A sump pump basin or pit is an enclosed concrete hole or container installed in the area where the water flows, from groundwater or seepage. Sump pumps take this collected water from the pit and pumps it outside the home where it can flow into the storm drain system, drywells, or other areas.

Groundwater levels are a consistent problem in many South Florida metro areas due to snow and rain, causing basement flooding.  Sump pumps are important in keeping out water from your basement, crawl spaces, and foundation. Properly working sump pumps will prevent costly damage from a flooded basement in your residence.

Sump Pump Replacement

Our sump pump replacement professionals can replace a malfunctioning sump system in no time.

Sump Pump Installation

Our expertly trained sump drainage technicians handle every aspect of a sump pump installation. We can install any brand for residential, commercial, or industrial uses.

Sump Pump Repair

We offer sump pump repair in the South Florida metro area. Our technicians are experts with sump pumps, and will inspect the motor and other components to make sure it is working properly in case a disaster such as flooding occurs.

We do a full inspection, and also fill the sump pit with water to make certain your pump is operating correctly. We also make sure the sump device is discharging water, and that the float is working. We clean out the air hole in the discharge line, run the motor to see if there are any unusual noises that could signal a problem.

Sump Pump Maintenance

We offer sump pump maintenance in the South Florida metro area.

  • Sump Battery
  • Sump Pump Check Valve

Sump Pump Battery Replacement

The battery will be tested to see if a sump battery replacement is needed. Sump pumps usually last approximately 3 years.

Sump Battery Backup

We offer Sump Battery Backup systems installation.

Sump Pump Cost

A homeowner can choose from two types of sump pumps, a submersible and pedestal.

The cost will depend upon several factors listed below:

  • Submersible or pedestal type.
  • Pump horsepower, materials (plastic or cast iron or stainless steel), flow rate, and the height the water needs to be lifted to discharge it.
  • Battery backup or water-powered backup emergency sump pumps.
  • Whether adding drain channels requires jackhammering through concrete basement floor, or adding drainage without jackhammering and using baseboard-style drains along inside of basement walls.
  • Professional plumber labor costs.

Emergency Sump Pump

We provide emergency sump pump service in the entire South Florida area to assist you when disaster strikes. We can install an emergency battery backup sump pump system.