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Stop Leaks before It’s Too Late

Not only can leaks waste gallons of water, but they also increase your water bill if left untreated. Identifying a pipe leak is not always easy if the pipe is out of sight. When people receive higher water bills, they often mistakenly believe they used more water than usual that month. If your water bill has been consistently high, call AAA Pro Plumbing so that our capable plumbers can use state of the art equipment to check your system for leaks. Leaks can result in severe water damage to your home, so make sure you reach out before it’s too late! We offer free estimates so that you can know the cost before committing to the inspection.

Leaks are often caused by:

  • Frequently switching between hot and cold water
  • Drain clogs
  • High water pressure on weak pipes
  • Overgrown tree roots
  • Corrosion

Pressure Reducing Valves

Most water departments bring their water to your home at far too great of pressure for your fixtures and your pipes to handle. Pressure Reducing Valves (or PRVs) do just what they say-reduce the incoming city supplied water pressure to your home down to recommended and code required levels (between 50-70 psi). When a Pressure Reducing Valve fails, they usually remain in the fully open position leaving you with damagingly high levels of incoming water pressure. This extra high pressure will cause your faucets to leak, ruin your toilets, drastically shorten the life on your water heater, and even cause pinhole leaks in your water pipes!

Have Your Water Pressure Checked Today

It’s important to have your house water pressure checked by a professional annually to ensure it is functioning properly in order to avoid these costly repairs. Your Aurora plumbing professionals at AAA Pro Plumbing will test your water pressure with each service call we perform. If it’s too high, we will let you know what needs to be done in order to save you all the damaging effects that come with it. This service alone can save hundreds if not thousands of dollars in avoidable repairs down the road.

Find Out How to Stop Wasting Gallons of Water

A leaking toilet can waste an excess of 200 gallons of water per day-hurting both the environment and your wallet. While sometimes leaks are obvious, in many cases people’s toilets experience problems without them ever realizing it!

Look out for subtle signs of a toilet leak:

  • Your water bill has slowly increased
  • Small discolorations on walls or floors near the toilet may be mold and should be cleaned as soon as possible
  • Cracks in the toilet or pipes
  • The toilet makes noise for an abnormally long time after flushing

Leaking toilets can be one of the single largest drains on our budget and our local water resources. AAA Pro Plumbing cares about our local resources as well as the people who live in it (we live here too!). Having your toilets checked for leaks is a simple plumbing service for one of our professional plumbers. We use state of the art technology to check your pipes for damage, clogs, and other potential plumbing issues.

We Leave Our Workspace Cleaner Than We Found It

As guests in your home, we have a responsibility to maintain the sanctity of your space. Our technicians wear clean uniforms and protective footwear on all jobs, and take pains to clean work-spaces after everything is finished. We want to be your family plumbers-the people you call whenever you have an issue with leaks, maintenance, or just want anew plumbing fixture. To do that, we have to treat every job like it’s the first, and provide you with energetic, trustworthy services. If you need toilet repair, call our capable plumbers today and find out why AAA Pro Plumbing is well renowned name throughout South Florida.